ENAV Academy

ENAV Academy


ENAV is the only Italian organisation authorised to select, train and update the various professionals working in the civil air traffic control services, which include air traffic controllers, pilot support experts, meteorologists and flight inspection pilots. The strong emphasis placed on both initial and refresher professional training has enabled ENAV to become one of the world’s leading international service providers, in terms of both the quantity and quality of the services they provide. ENAV has two training centres, known as Academies, one in Rome and one in Forlì. The Forlì Academy, which occupies an area of 8,000m2, is strategically located as  focal point for developing the Forlì aviation training hub. It is equipped with the most advanced technology including 2 12-suite radar simulators for 24 positions, 8 3D 270° tower simulators, a certified CRJ 200 flight simulator, a procedural simulator and 20 tower and radar simulator positions on part task trainers, for self-learning.  All the simulation systems are capable of representing any airport and/or airfield/terminal operating scenario. The Academy also boasts a 200-seater lecture hall, a library, 2 multimedia laboratories with 24 positions, plus 9 other classrooms able to house a total of 160 people, a 20-seater conference room, a press room, bar and restaurant and a 32-bedroom hostel sleeping 64 people for course participants. In addition to running basic air traffic controller training and  specialist and refresher courses for personnel already in service, the Academy provides specialist training courses for other professionals in the airport and aviation industry for national and international organisations. Finally, it engages in air traffic management and control research and development projects, in partnership with university and other research bodies. Building work has begun on a second building of 6,000m2, which will also house simulation laboratories to be shared with the University of Bologna.


I Video e le Relazioni


I Video e le Relazioni


CONFERENZA Incidenti aerei: inchieste di sicurezza e inchieste dell'autorità giudiziaria a confronto.


I video dell'evento


I video dell'evento

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